-Litter N-
Expected DoB Jan, 2023  $2,500
Imported - Czech / DDR Pedigree


Czech / DDR Working Line

Hendrix XXI

AKC: DN47214804

Color: Black

Hendrix is a BIG bone boy. Both of his parents are imports from Czech Republic & Slovakia. His ancestry traces back to East German / DDR bloodlines.

Dam : TBA

-Litter O-
Expected DoB Apr, 2023  $2,500
Imported - Czech / DDR Pedigree

Sire : TBA


Czech Working Line

Fenix  - Import from Czech Republic

CMKU:  DS/119727/19

Color: Sable

Fenix is an import from Czech Republic, both her parent are from Czech  with IPO1 and IPO3 titles.